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Black Gram


Black gram, also known as urad dal or black lentil, is a small, black legume widely used in Indian cuisine. With a rich, earthy flavor and creamy texture when cooked, black gram is a staple in many traditional dishes such as dal makhani and idli. High in protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, black gram is a nutritious addition to any diet. It is commonly used in soups, stews, curries, and savory snacks, offering both flavor and health benefits.



Introducing our delectable Minumulu with black gram, a delicious and nutritious twist on the traditional Indian snack. Made with a blend of rice flour, black gram, and aromatic spices, our Minumulu with black gram is crispy, flavorful, and satisfy-ing. Perfect for snacking on-the-go or serving as an appetizer, our Minumulu with black gram is a premium product that you can trust for its quality and taste. Try it today and indulge in the authentic flavors of India.


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